10 Tips for Travellers on a Budget 10 Tips for Travellers on a Budget
Set a daily limit. This can be tricky if you are visiting a brand-new country. But, research online to find out what realistic living... 10 Tips for Travellers on a Budget
  1. Set a daily limit.
    This can be tricky if you are visiting a brand-new country. But, research online to find out what realistic living costs are and set a daily budget that will cover them.2. Monitor your expenditure
    If you are only keeping a mental record of your expenditure it can be easy to forget things or over/under estimate costs. By writing things down you will know exactly where each pound is going.

    3. Book in advance
    In general, the further in advance you book the better deals you will get. This goes for accommodation and flights. When these fill up then prices general go up as well.

    4. Take your time
    If it is possible, staying for longer in one location will give you time to explore where budget conscious options are. Try cheap campervans for hire which is perfect for this situation as they give you the chance to stay as long as you want in each location.

    5. Stay in cheap accommodation
    This goes hand in hand with booking in advance. Find out what you want to see in each city and book the cheapest, yet comfortable, accommodation that is as close to the sights as possible. You will probably be spending more time out of the room anyway so no need to go overboard on the luxuries.

    6. Take public transport
    Taxis will quickly annihilate your budget. It is much more cost effective to travel by bus or train in a city, and it will get you more authentic experience as well. Time tables can be explored in advance.

    7. Drinking and partying
    Alcohol and partying can also eat into a budget quickly. Despite drinks being cheaper in some parts of the world one or two (or more) every night can quickly add up. Of course, partying abroad is a great way of meeting people but try and factor it into your daily budget and monitor consumption.

    8. Pack well
    Make sure to plan and pack everything you need. There is nothing worse than arriving in a new country and realizing that some crucial device is missing, and you need to buy it. These are purchases that will eat into your budget unnecessarily.

    9. Off season travel
    Traveling during the high season can be more expensive because of things like school holidays and the fact that people prefer to travel when it is warm. Traveling during the off season can be cheaper due to lower demand and better availability.

    10. Stick to the essentials
    It can be tempting to buy souvenirs at every stop you make. There are trinkets that may not be available anywhere else in the world. Always ask yourself if you really need them in your life. Like all purchases these need to be scrutinized to make sure you aren’t blowing the budget on them.

Daniel Isaac